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Getting Ready for Daylight Photos

  • For interior and exterior shots, what you see is what you get!  Tidy up!  

  • All lights in the house will be on while we're shooting.

  • We'll work around family members and pets, if needed.   

  • All interior lightbulbs should be working (please check prior to photo shoot!)

  • Photography inside and out will take an hour to two depending on the size of the home.

  • Cars should be off the driveway and street parking in front of the house should be clear. 

  • If possible, put toys, pool toys, garbage and recycling cans out of sight.

  • Turn on any waterfalls and fountains.

  • Curtains should be open in all windows facing front and back of the house.

  • Remove objects you can see through the windows, like garden tools, garbage cans, etc..

  • Blow off walkways, porches, and paths.

  • All televisions, computers, and electronic screens should be off.

  • Remove magnets and notes from refrigerator.

  • Lawn should be recently mowed, plants and shrubs trimmed, if possible.

  • Bathrooms should be free of personal items, shower curtains closed, toilet lids down.

  • Counters in kitchen should be as clear as possible.  Food out of sight.

  • We'll move things if needed.  You're welcome to be home, but with permission we will do the photo shoot when no one is home.  Realtors, we do have Supra access. 

    Call if you have questions! 

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