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How long does it take to finish a photo shoot?

Generally, a small home ot townhouse will be finished in about an hour, larger homes take two to three hours, while very large homes may take three or four hours.   The photographer will visit with the agent prior to the photo shoot to discuss any unusual situations, but she is a licensed real estate agent with a Supra and can access the home to do the photo shoot.  Agents are always welcome to stay for the photo shoot, but it is not necessary.

What happens on cloudy/rainy days?

We know you want to get your house on the market!  We'll do the best we can to shoot interiors and work around rain.  If it's raining during twilight photos, we'll need to come back.  

Will you shoot images of all the rooms?

We'll shoot images of all the main rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms.  We won't shoot the interiors of the garage, attic space, basement, pantry, or storage building unless there's a specific need to do so.  If a room is unavailable (locked, has an animal in it, or unsafe to enter), we won't shoot that room. Return visits based on homeowner issues incur an additional fee.

What type of payment do you accept?

Cash, personal check, or credit/debit cards are acceptable.  Payment is due prior to receiving the images.  (Zarco Properties agents may pay at closing.)
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